Limited Government Forum, Working Toward Liberty, Justice and Prosperity for All
 "Why Limited Government" is a good question. Below are some of the reasons we think less government is good for most people, and also how those who need assistance can be assisted. And for an excellent description of the morality of free market capitalism see this 5 minute 22 second piece by Walter Williams: 

Mission and Philosophy (restated 5-31-13)

Our mission is to improve economic and civic literacy in the Pikes Peak Region. We believe that to preserve a free and prosperous society we must have an informed, educated and enlightened citizenry. To achieve this our strategy is to (1) host educational programs aimed at that mission; and (2) formulate and promoted informed positions on issues of major local interest.

We believe that the purpose of economic freedom is human flourishing, not materialism. We stand for equality of opportunity, not equality of income. We seek to stimulate true prosperity, not just treat poverty. What truly matters is principle, not political power. We believe that sound public policy requires us to consider long-run effects and all people, not simply short-run effects and a few people. We believe that principled wealth creators deserve respect and support. And we believe that only fiscally responsible and constitutionally constrained government can be trusted to govern properly.

We seek a more peaceful, prosperous and free society, in which government avoids doing whatever is or could be provided by the private, civil sector. We believe a society that allows the greatest freedom of choice and requires a high level of personal responsibility maximizes opportunity and prosperity. Private sector solutions should be the first priority before turning to government, tax-supported solutions.

Ultimately, we believe we must look toward ourselves, not government, as the rightful creators of a truly great society.